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How to clean non clumping litter
Dogs and cats | Pet Care

7 Reasons Why Use Non Clumping Litter for Kittens

There are so many options available that you can choose from when it comes to cat litter for kittens. However, most cat experts recommend the use of non clumping litter for the first few months for kittens. This is because non clumping litter is generally safer than clumping litter even when accidentally ingested by kittens….

What can hedgehogs not eat?
Pet Nutrition | Small mammals

Which Food is Not Safe for Hedgehogs to Eat?

Feeding your pygmy hedgehog a complete well-balanced diet is paramount for having a healthy hedgehog.  Hedgehogs are omnivorous animals. As such hedgehogs eat a wide variety of foods (meats, cat and dog food, fruits and vegetables). However, there are several foods that hedgehogs should not eat and thus you should avoid them. We have prepared…

Best cat food for hedgehogs
Pet Nutrition | Small mammals

What is the Best Cat Food for African Pygymy Hedgehogs

When caring for African pygmy hedgehogs, providing the right diet is important to raise a healthy pet. Hedgehogs are omnivorous and eat a wide variety of foods including hedgehog food, cat food, insects, fruits and vegetables. Cat food is an important source of food for pet African pygmy hedgehogs. Which is why you need to find…