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What can hedgehogs not eat?
Pet Nutrition | Small mammals

What Can Hedgehogs Not Eat?

Feeding your pygmy hedgehog a complete well-balanced diet is paramount for having a healthy hedgehog.  Hedgehogs are omnivorous animals. As such hedgehogs eat a wide variety of foods (meats, cat and dog food, fruits and vegetables). However, there are several foods that hedgehogs should not eat and thus you should avoid them. We have prepared…

Best cat food for hedgehogs
Pet Nutrition | Small mammals

Best Cat Food for African Pygymy Hedgehogs

When caring for African pygmy hedgehogs, providing the right diet is important to raise a healthy pet. Hedgehogs are omnivorous and eat a wide variety of foods including hedgehog food, cat food, insects, fruits and vegetables. Cat food is an important source of food for pet African pygmy hedgehogs. Which is why you need to find…

What do pygmy hedgehogs eat
Pet Nutrition | Small mammals

What Do Pygmy Hedgehogs Eat?

Generally, African pygmy hedgehogs are naturally omnivorous mammals.  In the wild, pygmy hedgehogs eat a wide range of insects and small animals including Beetles Earwigs Slugs Caterpillars Fly larvae Millipedes Snails Earthworms Mealworms Baby mice Ground beetles Additionally, pygmy hedgehogs also eat some fruits and vegetables. When caring for a pet pygmy hedgehog, it is…

Best Wood Bedding for Guinea Pigs
Pet Care | Pet products | Small mammals

Best Wood Bedding for Guinea Pigs

Pet guinea pigs are social animals that spend most of their time in their habitat. To live comfortably, they require a good bedding material that is absorbent, soft and has good odor control. For many years wood shavings have been used as bedding for guinea pigs. Our top pick Wood-based substrate make good bedding material…

Emergency puppy formula
Dogs and cats | Pet Nutrition

How to Easily Make Emergency Puppy Formula

Ideally, small puppies rely on their mother’s milk for all their nutritional needs. However, you need to supplement orphaned puppies with a suitable puppy milk replacer. You can easily purchase a good puppy milk replacer from your local pet store or online. However, in the absence of a puppy milk replacer, you can easily make…

What foods can I feed my guinea pig
Pet Care | Pet Nutrition | Small mammals

What Foods Can I Feed my Guinea Pig?

Raising guinea pigs is easy and enjoyable. This is because guinea pigs are low maintenance, and their care is straight forward. All you need is to provide them with the right housing and proper nutrition. There are several foods that you can feed your guinea pig that provides them with the proper nutrition. Generally speaking,…